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Guarantees and Liability

100% accuracy of your application with no errors 

Panda-order service guarantees that the manager will receive an accurate application for purchase of goods. Errors are 100% excluded because we don't use tables in Excel or correspondence in messengers to form a shopping list. Don't forget to tell our manager the application number (ORD) in WhatsApp.


Delivery of ordered goods or reimbursement

If you buy the "goods inspection" service, CE-MASTER guarantees delivery of the exact amount of goods with correct colors and sizes. If there is a mistake, we will compensate for the cost of the product and its delivery to the client.


Payment is made strictly according to the invoice

All money will be used for purchase, warehouse services and delivery according to the invoice. We don't charge interest for our services and we have no fees hidden from clients. All information about prices will be included in the invoice in advance.


Returning goods with defects without the client's participation

If the warehouse receives a product that does not match the order and the client decides to exchange the product or return the money, we guarantee a refund of the product and the money.


Guarantee of product safety

While the product is in our warehouse, CE-MASTER is fully responsible for its safety. When goods are sent for international delivery from the warehouse, the delivery company is responsible for them. We can't be responsible for the actions of international delivery services.



What we are not responsible for

  1. The quality of the product you choose. Goods from China may look the same, but be of different quality. Each manufacturer chooses the quality of materials themselves, so there can be a big difference between similar products. For example, Gillette shaving cassettes may cost $3 from one supplier and $7 from another supplier. They sell a bad copy for $3, a quality copy for $7, or an original made for the Chinese market.
  2. You or your clients don't like the product you bought. We are a logistics company, not a seller. Our work consists of accepting goods, checking (quantity, color, defects), packing and delivery.
  3. Color matching is 100%. We can't guarantee a complete match for the color you want.
  4. Cargo safety during a delivery. When the shipping company picks up the cargo, it is responsible for that cargo and can offer insurance. We can guarantee the quality of the packaging and the payment of the insurance, but we don't guarantee the delivery.


The warehouse's tasks are limited by the services you have ordered and paid for. We do not help you search for goods or make recommendations.


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