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CE-MASTER Logistics Company - your Business Ambassador in China

We are logisticians with our own warehouse in China. We help customers from Europe, North America and Oceania to order goods from Chinese online marketplaces (1688, Taobao, Tmall), and from suppliers directly (factories, trading companies), establish OEM and ODM production.


We own two warehouses with a total area of 3000 m² in Guangzhou (1500 m² area in each), the total area of the territory is almost 6000 m². We opened a representative office in Yiwu - an office and a warehouse of 100 m².


Provide services: 


  • *purchase of goods without interest (0%) from suppliers;
  • *free storage in our warehouse in China for consolidation;
  • *сhecking goods for quantity, size, defects (photo, video);
  • *packing of products for international delivery;
  • *delivery to Europe, North America and Oceania.

    In addition, customers turn to us to check suppliers for bulk purchases, support OEM and ODM production in China, and visit trade shows in online mode.


Thirty people have made shopping in China easy for 10 years 

The managers of the company know English and Chinese, which makes it possible to handle trade business comfortably.


It can be difficult to trust someone in business who is 5,000 kilometers away. We understand that, and we want to get to know you personally. It's important, and it's the best way to develop mutual trust.


Experienced staff accepts goods to the warehouse, checks completeness of orders, quantity, color, size of goods, packs them for international delivery.


We don't lose anything in the warehouse. We reserve a place for each client to consolidate cargo from any quantity of suppliers.




The certificates of registration of the legal entity

We have three legal entities to work in Guangzhou, Yiwu and Hong Kong. Please check out our registration information.


Links to websites containing verification of company registration information on www.ltddir.com and aiqicha.baidu.com:



How to start working with us

If you have a SUPPLIER and only need a warehouse:

  • *Write to: Nicole +86 181 0021 2763 (WhatsApp), Peris  +8618027671258 (WhatsApp) или Alexa +8618027677078 (WhatsApp)
  • *We answer the questions
  • *We make a group in WhatsApp (you — the manager —Nuri)
  • *The manager will give you our warehouse address
  • *You send the address to the supplier
  • *You send the bill from the supplier to the manager
  • *The manager offers a way to transfer money to purchase the goods
  • *Then the goods arrive at the warehouse for consolidation and checking
  • *We pack and send the goods to you.

You don't have a supplier, you want to find one on 1688 or Taobao

  • *You study the instruction: «How to find a supplier and place an order» 
  • *You register on our service Panda-Oder.com 
  • *Create an order according to the instructions 
  • *Send the order number (ORD) to the manager
  • *We make a group in WhatsApp (you — the manager —Nuri)
  • *The manager offers a way to transfer money to purchase the goods
  • *Then the goods arrive at the warehouse for consolidation and checking
  • *We pack and send the goods to you.

When the product arrives at our warehouse, you will choose the packaging and additional services (checking, photo report) if you need them. Then you choose a delivery method to your country and the manager immediately calls shipping costs. You get a waybill for packing, delivery and other services, so you know exactly how much everything cost and what you paid for. 

How to get answers to your questions and make a trial purchase

Three managers of the company work with English-speaking clients. If you don't have a manager, write one of them on WhatsApp.

The managers speak and write in English! They will take care of your order and accompany you from start to finish:

  1. Answer the questions.
    2. Check the order.
    3. Suggest payment options.
    4. Check the goods for defects, quantity, etc.
    5. Put the product in the package of your choice.
    6. Send the goods by a delivery route to you. 


Read our other articles to learn more about working with the logistics company CE-MASTER and the Panda-Order service.



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