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Goods delivery from China to Europe, North America and Oceania from 30 days

When you buy goods from Chinese factories and trading companies, you need to think about the cost of delivery. The price of the delivery can increase the cost of goods by 50 - 80%! But even so, it is more profitable to buy Chinese goods on 1688.com than in any store in your country.


Suppliers (factories, trading companies) don't pack cargo for international delivery and only deliver goods within China. The product is sent in a simple black package. Such packaging is not suitable for international delivery.


The Panda-Order service is owned by the Chinese logistics company CE-MASTER. We consolidate orders, pack the goods reliably and organize international delivery.


You will learn about the cost of delivery in China, consolidation and packaging, international delivery and the principle of organizing shipping from China around the world.



Correctly fill out the personal information on Panda-Order.com for delivery.

You can choose any suitable method of delivery when you place your order at Panda-Order.com. The selected delivery option will determine the cost and time of delivery. 


Enter personal information for delivery (name, address, phone number, etc.) in your personal cabinet by registering on the site. Do it without mistakes!


Be careful with the address, phone number and name! You cannot change these details when the order has been collected and sent to the international delivery company.



Delivery within China

A supplier (seller) is responsible for delivery in China, from a seller's warehouse to the logistics company's warehouse. The time of shipping also depends on the seller. Usually goods are shipped within 3 days after purchase.


The cost of delivery in China depends on the distance of the supplier's warehouse from the warehouse of the logistician, method of delivery (own car, transport company), and commercial conditions. Some suppliers include the cost of delivery in the price of goods, while others invoice separately.


Price of delivery within China is not more than $0.2 per 1 kg of cargo. Our manager will find out the exact cost of delivery from the supplier to the warehouse and show it as a separate item in the invoice.



Order consolidation and packing of goods

Workers of the logistics warehouse accept goods from different suppliers and consolidate them into one shipment. It is possible to check the goods during consolidation:


  • *matching the invoice and the product card; 
  • *quantity;
  • *color;
  • *size; 
  • *defects.


When all the items are collected for delivery, our managers will offer you a choice of packaging from four variants.


We recommend packing the goods as securely as possible. Standard packaging is suitable for clothing and soft shoes. The more valuable a cargo and the easier it is to damage it during delivery, the more reliable packaging you should choose. Think about possible financial losses in case of cargo damage and make the right choice. 


After packing, we receive the invoice from the shipper (price incl. packing!) and give the cargo to the shipping company, which provides further freight to your country and city.



International delivery to Europe, North America, Oceania

When the goods from all suppliers are packed, we will calculate the cost of delivery using different routes:

  • *by rail (to Europe) - from $3/kg;
  • *by sea transport - from $8/kg;
  • *by air transport- from $7/kg.


Prices are approximate! We work with shipping companies that offer economical ways of delivery.


We will transfer your personal data (name, phone number, address) and cargo to the international shipping company for delivery to Europe, North America or Oceania.


The manager will let you know when the cargo leaves our warehouse and will send you a tracking number for you to track it.


You can pay for international shipping through us (prepayment) or pay to a shipping company when you receive the cargo in your country.



How to learn the exact cost of delivery?

You will know the exact cost of delivery in China before you purchase the product. The price will be written in the invoice. Some sellers include shipping in the cost of goods and it is unknown.


The exact cost of international delivery can be learned only after packing the goods. Packaging changes the volume and weight, which affects the price of delivery. It is impossible to get 100% correct price for international delivery without exact dimensions of the cargo after packing. 


Please contact our manager to get a preliminary price for delivery to your country and city. The preliminary price can be told only when the product is in our warehouse or you know exactly its weight and dimensions.


Three managers of the company work with English-speaking clients. If you don't have a manager, write one of them on WhatsApp.



Read our other articles to learn more about working with the logistics company CE-MASTER and the Panda-Order service.


When ordering goods you have to pay:


1. Selected item cost.


2. Item delivery to the buyer:


  • Internal delivery — goods delivery from seller to warehouse in China. Paid separately, may be free.

  • External delivery — goods delivery from warehouse in China to the buyer.

You can choose any convenient way to deliver goods when ordering. Chosen delivery option will determine its cost and the time it takes to receive goods.


You can enter personal data for delivery (full name, address, phone number, etc.) in your personal account by registering on the site.

Note! It’s impossible to change delivery option or address in the placed order.

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